Don't Wake the Wraith for Android

Available NOW on the App Store and and now Google Play!


Pink Beehive Productions released our latest game, Don't Wake the Wraith, on the Apple App Store and on Google Play!


Feel like testing your nerve? Don't Wake the Wraith is a simple, but twisted marriage of "Cookie Clicker" and Russian Roulette. The goal: earn as many points as you can by tapping on and removing the glowing orbs. There are bonuses awarded as you remove more and more orbs, but watch out...the wraith is waiting! If you encounter the wraith before you clear the last orb, you're done and you're points are gone.


Of course, you can chicken out and bank your points before you encounter the wraith, but be aware that bonus points are to key to upping your score.


Is it even remotely fair? No. There is no's all luck. But you'll keep coming back for more.


Play it solo for points or pass it around a group of friends and see who gets the wraith! Or pass it to an unsuspecting victim and enjoy their reaction.


Disclaimer: Do not use this app if you


  • have a heart condition
  • are an expectant mother
  • are a chicken
Don't Wake the Wraith for iOS